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Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Knuckleheads of the Day award

Today's winners are the members of the Broward County School Board. They get the award for the following.

Broward County school officials bought a 30-acre swamp from Southwest Ranches for more than what four appraisers said it was worth -- even after they realized the land was unsuitable for a high school, a South Florida Sun-Sentinel investigation has found.

The town had been told the land it was selling was completely covered in muck and saw grass, records show, but town officials informed the school system that wetlands covered only six acres of the site.

After two years of blunders, taxpayers are left with a $4.3 million bill.

The saga of High School LLL is outlined in the school system's internal documents and e-mails. The school today is more than two years behind schedule and $40 million over budget. Currently, it awaits zoning approval to be built on a new site in Pembroke Pines.
Read the entire Sun-Sentinel article. This is just classic. The board 1- Paid the highest appraised value for the land 2- Bought a parcel of land too small for their needs and 3- Bought a piece of swampland to build a school on. To top it off, the board knew it was wetlands days before the deal was completed and they could have pulled out but didn't. Something tells me there had to be a deal going on under the table here. These elected officials are either the biggest idiots in Florida or corrupt? What are you Broward County school board members? Either way you don't belong in office, and in addition the Broward County School board are today's knuckleheads of the day.

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