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Thursday, October 05, 2006


No I haven't been ignoring these poll numbers.

Ms. Irey rolled up her sleeves and got to work. She has gained some recognition on her own as a staunch supporter of the armed forces, the mission in Iraq, an advocate for rigorous immigration policies and a fiscal conservative. She has also been drawing attention to Mr. Murtha's many failings. And she's producing results. The campaign has just commissioned another poll by Public Opinion Strategies and Ms. Irey has closed the gap to ten points as the race now stands at 55%-45%. She gained ten points and brought Mr. Murtha down ten--and the momentum is all in her favor.
Other than Redstate, I haven't found a news source for these poll numbers. I placed phone calls to POS and the Diana Irey campaign office. POS policy isn't to talk about their work for a client(Fine with me and understandable), I am waiting for a email response from a Bill Pascoe if the Irey office will release more detailed polling information. If I find out more, I'll post it to TFM.

55-45 is very interesting for several reasons.

1- Murtha's past invinvicibility in this district.
2- Irey having about 1/10th the cash on hand that Murtha has.
3- That there are no undecideds or as one favorite blogger of mine once called those potential voters= 'Clueless morons'.

One must also note without more details, we can't safely judge this polling data. Irey wouldn't be the first politician to release self serving news.

TFM is still projecting a Murtha victory. I'm sticking by what I said about this race previously. A loss is still a loss if its 51-49 or 66-34 here and Rightroots support of Irey is still dumb and misguided. Of course if I'm wrong, there will be crow for me to eat and a few bloggers out there who will want to knucklehead me.

To sum things up- My $100 dollar wager offer is still valid. Anyone want to take me up on it can contact me by email or leave a comment here and I'll get in touch. I'm not backing down.

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