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Thursday, October 05, 2006

The rotting smell of money

The family of a dead cop killer has hired an attorney.

Lakeland, Florida - New developments in the case of the murdered Polk County Sheriff's Deputy.

On Tuesday thousands of people turned out to pay their respects to Deputy Vernon "Matt" Williams. Williams and his K-9 partner Diogi were shot and killed last week after a routine traffic stop. Police killed gunman Angilo Freeland the following day. They say he tried to use William's gun on them.

On Wednesday night, Tampa attorney Grady Irvin said Freeland's family hired him. He says they have sent the Williams family a sympathy card.

Irvin says he's going to investigate why deputies fired more than 60 bullets at Freeland. The family also questions statements Irvin says the Sheriff made like, “We only shot him 68 times because we ran out of bullets.”

Irvin has scheduled a news conference for Thursday.
First I got to hat tip Donnah aka Florida Cracker. She has been an excellent job of following the story of Officer Williams and his canine partner Diogi who were both killed by Mr. Freeland. If you want to read more about the Manhunt, Officer Williams or Diogi, read these FC posts- here, here, and here.

Officer Williams left behind a wife and three children if I remember correctly. My condolences to all of this brave officer's family and friends.

Donnah is right when questioning where the Freeland family was when authorities for looking for the dead cop killer. Now that the man is dead, the family is seeing dollar signs. What a bunch of slime, that includes their attorney Grady Irvin.

These people will get a knucklehead award if a lawsuit is ever filed.

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