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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Trenton, Melinda, Joshua and Nancy

Police investigators are taking a brief break from the Trenton Duckett case.

LEESBURG -- Since 2-year-old Trenton Duckett disappeared 18 days ago, police investigators have been working around the clock tracking down leads.

Now they need a break, police said Tuesday.

Capt. Ginny Padgett said several investigators involved in the case were told to take a couple days off to "refresh themselves" and spend time with their families.

"Investigators have been working 15, 16, 17 straight days, sometimes for as long as 16 hours every day," she said.

However, Padgett said investigators -- including those with Leesburg Police, Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the FBI -- are not reducing their search for the missing toddler.

"I would not characterize it as scaling back," she said. "We're forcing people to rest."
Law enforcement are people too and need a rest. I would guess a mental break is needed. A case like this has to be emotionally draining.

If you recall, Trenton's mother committed suicide last Friday. That aspect of the missing boy's story is also in the news.

LEESBURG -- The plight of missing 2-year-old Trenton Duckett is the latest cause taken up by ex-prosecutor and national talk-show host Nancy Grace, who frequently uses her cable forum to draw attention to abduction cases.

But the Headline News host found herself answering Monday whether she had become part of the story -- only days after grilling the boy's mother in a televised interview. The day after that probing series of questions, Melinda Duckett killed herself.

"I do not feel our show is to blame for what happened to Melinda Duckett," Grace said on the air Monday.

Grace also noted that "Melinda committed suicide before that interview ever aired."

Melinda Duckett's family members have said the publicity surrounding the case may have added to her stress in the days before her suicide.

The boy's father, Joshua Duckett, said he did not blame Grace for Melinda's suicide. He was estranged from his wife, who had custody of Trenton.

"Nobody made her do the show," he said. "Nobody made her do anything."

Since her death, investigators have increasingly said they are looking at the boy's mother as being involved in his disappearance. They have not officially labeled Melinda as a suspect.
The police rarely identify one as a suspect. Often up to moments before the person gets arrested.

My gut feeling is that Melinda Duckett is responsible for her son's disappearance. The thought of a mother taking her own child's life sickens and hurts me but it is the most likely scenario. I pray I'm wrong and that Trenton is found safe and unharmed.

As to Nancy Grace, I have never liked her and the aggressive attitude she takes on television. That said, I don't think the responsibility for Melinda Duckett's suicide should be placed on Ms. Grace.

Professor Bainbridge is also blogging on the Nancy Grace element.

Another interesting thing is how Melinda Duckett's death hit the wire services, yesterday. AP and other media outlets(here and here) were publishing the story like it just broke. As you know, I blogged on this story last Saturday. I guess the suicide of a Korean adoptee and her missing son isn't as alluring as a missing blonde college student to the MSM.(With the exception of CNN)

Trenton's father, Joshua Duckett, won't be attending his estranged wife's funeral.

On Friday, Melinda Duckett, the mother of a missing 2-year-old boy, will be laid to rest in a private ceremony.

She shot herself to death in her grandparents' home nearly a week ago, WESH 2 News reported.

Josh Duckett, Melinda's estranged husband and Trenton's father, will not be at the funeral.

"Out of respect for the family, for her family, due to the bad blood, I will not be attending. I would like to have been there, but I got to keep our focus on Trenton 100 percent," he said.
The father's frustration and anger is understandable but I'd advise him to attend the funeral. Joshua may well feel guilty in the future for not doing so, especially if Melinda is exonerated. Even if Melinda is responsible, he coulld at least pray for her and Trenton.

All of this matters very little when compared to finding the whereabouts of Trenton Duckett. Lets pray the boy is found unharmed.

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