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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Soft targets II

An armed attack on the US embassy in Damascus took place today.

DAMASCUS, Syria - Armed Islamic militants attempted to storm the U.S. Embassy in a brazen attack Tuesday, the government said. Four people were killed, including three of the assailants. There was no immediate claim of responsibility, but an al-Qaida offshoot group was suspected, Syria's ambassador to the United States said.

No Americans were hurt in the attack, in which the militants used automatic rifles, hand grenades and at least one van rigged with explosives.

The al-Qaida offshoot group, called Jund al-Sham, has been blamed for several attacks in Syria in recent years, the Syrian ambassador, Imad Moustapha, said in comments to CNN.

The attackers apparently did not breach the high walls surrounding the white embassy compound in a diplomatic neighborhood of Damascus. But one of Syria's anti-terrorism security troops was killed in the attack and at least 11 others were injured including a local embassy police officer, two Iraqis and seven workers at a nearby technical workshop, Syria's official news agency reported.
James Joyner at OTB notes that embassy security thankfully is better than it was at the time of the Iran hostage crisis. I'd note the even more recent bombings that took place in Kenya and Tanzania back in 1998.

During my travels abroad, embassy security had never impressed me. Then I haven't travelled outside the US since the 9-11 attacks.

Today's episode is just the latest proof the US is fighting a war on terror. Terrorists look to attack their enemies where they perceive them as weakest. The Damascus attack failed, it wasn't the soft or easy target the militants hoped it would be. More attacks are certain to come, and TFM still believes the targets may not necessarily be the ones you most expect.

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