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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tight wads

The government is no better than businesses and corporations when it comes to parting with money meant for others.

ATLANTA ยท Nearly eight months after federal regulators trumpeted a settlement they secured with ChoicePoint Inc. over a personal information breach, the government has not paid any money to victims from a $5 million fund that was to be set up as part of the agreement.

The Federal Trade Commission also has not yet implemented procedures for how the 800 fraud victims it has identified so far can apply for and receive compensation from the fund, nor has it hired anyone to administer the fund on behalf of the agency, said FTC spokeswoman Claudia Bourne Farrell.

"That's under review," Farrell said Tuesday. Responding to an open records request by The Associated Press, Farrell said the commission is trying to develop a plan to distribute the money "expeditiously and efficiently."

Jessica Rich, assistant director of the FTC's division of privacy and identity theft, said in a statement released to AP on Wednesday that "law enforcement is still identifying victims and we want to make sure we have the right people."

"We are hoping to complete the process soon," Rich wrote.
What a crock! Soon could mean next month or next fiscal year in government speak.

TFM had his latest run-in with a local tight wad. My wife had a Mammogram last month on 8-15 and when something looked iffy, a repeat of the same exam on just one breast on 9-1. This was done at JFK hospital owned by HCA corp.

For the original exam, the wife was asked for nothing upfront. When she returned in September she was asked to pay $32. Supposedly her 20% of the total bill. I totally distrust local medical providers when it comes to determining our part of the bill before hand. I've got good reason to. Read this post of mine.(Do these providers pick on the vulnerable. Like in both my the case of the wife and I, both with a fear of cancer. Are there companies or individuals out there who would try to take advantage of our worries? TFM thinks there certainly are!) Also last April DW had an MRI done at the same hospital. SHe was made to pay $130 upfront and when the bill was paid, our part of the bill came to $65. JFK refused to credit the wife's credit card till I raised an angry storm about what they'd face if they didn't. The business manager at the hospital fixed it over the phone.

This time around

1- JFK sent us a $42 bill for the first mammogram. They misbilled it, for by our insurance we'd pay zero. Blue Cross Blue Shield fixed the mistake and paid the bill in full.

2- The second exam came to $0 owed for us. And of course JFK refused to fix the bill again. After raising a huff again(No one at the local business office was in, or if they were didn't return my calls. That means you Lisa T), I challenged the charge with our credit card issuer. The charge got refunded on Monday.

So who is the bigger con artist, HCA Corp or the FTC?

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