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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Baby, Baby, Baby

Today's Orlando Sentinel news about the search for Trenton Duckett isn't good.

LEESBURG -- Police released new documents Wednesday showing investigators became suspicious of Trenton Duckett's mother the night the 2-year-old was reported missing.

A sworn statement from Leesburg Senior Detective Ian Thornton shows Melinda Duckett "was clearing out the apartment, emptying the refrigerator as if moving from the residence."

Police also sifted through trash dumped that night by one of two men who had been watching a video with Duckett and found "numerous articles relative to caring for a child," according to the statement, which was used to secure a search warrant for the woman's apartment.

Those items included dry baby food, candy, cookies and other children's snacks.

Leesburg police Capt. Steve Rockefeller confirmed Wednesday that the trash included toys and photographs of Trenton, including his sonogram, an image of a child in the mother's womb.


The toddler was reported missing from his bed Aug. 27. Investigators have asked anyone with information about the child to step forward. They have searched in Leesburg, Ocala National Forest and other locations.

Also Wednesday, authorities ended a five-day search of Farles Lake in Ocala National Forest, where divers were aided by sonar in their probe of the murky water.

"Nothing of evidentiary value" was recovered, Leesburg police Capt. Ginny Padgett said.

Although the boy has been missing for nearly a month and many tips have led to dead ends, Leesburg police remain hopeful they will find him alive.

"We're going to continue with this investigation. We're going to do what needs to be done. We're going to get the evidence and results back from the lab, and we're going to continue following up leads," Padgett said. "We're not planning on scaling back -- not until we have to."

She also said the FBI and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement remain actively involved in the investigation. They are "considering all theories" about what happened to Trenton, she said.

The documents released Wednesday included parts of two search warrants -- one obtained Aug. 28 by Leesburg police and one obtained Sept. 8 by FDLE after Duckett killed herself.

The documents say police responded about 9:20 p.m. to the mother's home in Windemere Villas, an apartment complex on Griffin Road near U.S. Highway 27 on the city's north side.
The article went on to detail the peculiarities found about the apartment. Between this news and the fact that Trenton has been missing three weeks, makes it very unlikely the boy is still alive.

I may not blog on this story any more for its just too draining for me. My son Daniel if alive would only be a year older than Trenton. Apparently they are both angels in heaven now. I can't believe people who can do harm to small children, it just angers me too much.

Here is some better news out of Missouri.

UNION, Mo. - A woman who authorities say slit the throat of a young mother and stole her baby was charged Wednesday with kidnapping and assault as authorities cast doubt on her claims that she had recently lost her own baby.

The baby was found in good condition late Tuesday — four days after being abducted — and the woman accused of the crime, Shannon Torrez, was arrested.

In court papers, authorities said Torrez, 36, learned about the week-old baby through a "welcome home" yard sign for the new mother, Stephenie Ochsenbine.

Sheriff Gary Toelke said Torrez told investigators she was nine months pregnant but lost the baby on Friday, the same day little Abigale Lynn Woods was kidnapped. But Toelke said investigators are trying to determine whether Torrez had been pregnant.
I make a bet Torrez is still lying. She may have lost a baby but I doubt it was born the same day Abigale was kidnapped. That sounds like something out of the movies.

At least Abigaile is back with her parents. Stephenie Ochsenbine appears to be recovering from the attack. God bless both Abigaile and Stephenie.

There is more news on the drug mixup at the Indiana hospital.

INDIANAPOLIS - The grandmother of a third premature infant who died after being accidentally given an adult-sized dose of blood thinner medication at a hospital said Wednesday that she prayed other families wouldn't go through what she had, because it was hard "to sit there and watch my granddaughter die."

The baby girl, Thursday Dawn Jeffers, died late Tuesday at Riley Hospital for Children five days after she was born at Methodist Hospital. She had been transferred to Riley once her condition worsened from receiving an adult dose of heparin, a drug routinely given to premature babies.

The child's grandmother, Joanna Pruitt, said Wednesday at an emotional, impromptu news conference called at her daughter's apartment that doctors initially told the family that the 4-pound, 6-ounce baby just needed oxygen "to get her lungs going good" after she was born. The infant had been breathing on her own before receiving the drug, she said.
Sometimes I just hate blogging. Particularly after reading stories like this. My son Daniel died after being born at 28 weeks and he lived just 14.5 hours.

Two other girls, D'myia Sabrina Nelson and Emmery Miller, both less than a week old, died Saturday at Methodist's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

The Jeffers and Miller families have retained an attorney, Nathaniel Lee of Indianapolis. He scheduled a news conference for Thursday morning.

The hospital will offer to pay for family counseling and provide restitution to all six families affected, said Sam Odle, president and CEO of Methodist Hospital.

"We are acutely aware that nothing can adequately compensate these families for their loss," Odle said.
I hope the hospital settles fast. I'll give knucklehead Odle some credit for saying there is no way the hospital can compensate the families. There isn't. The parents of those who died are going to live with the loss they suffered the rest of their lives. I never go a day without thinking of Daniel, these parents won't forget their children either.

Pray for these parents. Unless you have lost a child, you do not know the agony these people are going through. God bless them.

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