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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


My hometown of Lantana is back in the news. From today's Palm Beach Post.

Even with her car being shot at and police chasing her, Katie Lee Vest still couldn't bring herself to hang up her cellphone.

While chatting away in her big, white blue-roofed Cadillac, police say the 24-year-old woman — who claimed she was pregnant — turned a suburban Lantana neighborhood into a stunt-driving course Tuesday while fleeing from a Lantana motorcycle cop after an attempted traffic stop. She drove off the street, between homes and into a fenced-in residential back yard in the Sea Pines neighborhood, police say.

Seemingly trapped, with the officer yelling for her to stop, police say she quickly reversed, nearly striking him. Officer Joel Shackelford's Harley-Davidson fell on him, but he managed to fire a single shot, hoping to strike the car's tire, said Lantana police Capt. Andy Rundle.

He missed. Vest sped on. Minutes later, authorities spotted her on Hypoluxo Road near Interstate 95. Palm Beach County sheriff's deputies and Lantana police followed her into suburban Lake Worth, then back onto Hypoluxo, as she drove about 25 mph. At one point, she drove on the wrong side of the road. Later, an officer purposely struck the Cadillac, sending it spinning off to the side of the road where it finally stopped, police said. The chase started about 1:15 p.m. and lasted about 20 minutes.

Inside the car, authorities found cocaine and drug paraphernalia. Vest then said she was pregnant and paramedics found she had high blood pressure, so they took her to Bethesda Memorial Hospital. She'll eventually be taken to the county jail.

Vest had at least one outstanding warrant in relation to a revoked driver license, and has been arrested for retail theft, possession of narcotics and trespassing, according to court records. She is charged with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer with a motor vehicle and felony fleeing and eluding. Other charges could be forthcoming.

Lantana police will conduct an internal investigation into whether Shackelford's firing of his weapon was justified, though Rundle said early indications were that it appeared to be. He has been placed on paid administrative leave, Rundle said.

Vest talked on her phone right up until the chase was over, but she refused to talk with police.

"Hopefully she was talking to her attorney, because she's gonna need one," Rundle said.
So true Captain Rundle. Full Disclosure- My wife knows Captain Rundle through her work as a church receptionist in Lantana.

As for Ms. Vest, she is certainly unmother(If she really is pregnant) of the year material. Reckless driving, getting herself shot at, and using cocaine. A trifecta of bad parenting. Did this woman ever think of her unborn baby during these actions?

Such is life in Lantana. The town of spilled milk, cock fighting, bridge jumpers, bad drivers and now Ms. Vest. Embrace the diversity.

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