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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Missing ingredients- Diapers and birth certificates

A new reality show is conducting a search in South Florida.

Move over Heidi Klum, Britney Spears, Jennie Garth, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Brooke Burke. Production Executives and Casting Directors are coming to your town to discover sexy, engaging, confident Moms for an upcoming TV show.

It's time for the Hottest Mom in America™.

Hottest Mom In America™ - Motherhood Is Redefined - The search for women who define modern day motherhood; they are beautiful, smart, talented moms who also happen to be HOT!

With auditions in Dallas just completed, it's time for the Hottest Mom In America™ to find the Hottest Mom in Miami! 8 AM this Saturday at The Byron Carlyle Theatre is where the team will hand-select the next group of contestants for the Hottest Mom in America™
TFM doesn't watch reality shows and has never commented on them in the past. I'd vote for my dear wife as the hottest Mom though our children are both angels in heaven.

When I told dear wife about this news she replied. 'Cool'. My wife the comedienne.

Be advised that casting directors will hold a special casting session after sundown for those observing Rosh Hashana

Rick at SOTP says "Oy vey". Then he also notes that pesky little thing that qualifies women to come and try out.

Please note that the audition process can take several hours and children under the age of 12 are best kept at home or with friends.
Don't bring the kids. Which leaves open the question- How are the judges to know the women are really mothers? Are they supposed to bring a birth certificate? The webpage lists no such requirement. It would be easy for some woman to cheat in TFM's opinion.

Oh and what about Moms who lost a baby to a miscarriage? They're Moms in my book, so how do they qualify if you are supposed to bring a birth certificate?

South Florida blogger and Mom Tere has her own take on the competition.

Or, as the president of the production company put it: "We're looking for moms that turn heads wherever they go -- the supermarket, the football stands or kindergarten."

In other words, people, they're looking for slutty moms.

They're looking for two kinds of women here: the mom with the low self-esteem who feels her self-worth is measured by the length of her skirt and her ability to look 18, despite the fact that she's had 3 kids and is pushing 40. You know the kind, the ones who refuse to accept that time keeps ticking and they're not getting any younger, but they can't handle it. If they're single, they borrow their teenage daughter's clothes and go clubbing with her; they usually don't miss the Friday-night happy hour at whatever the bar du jour happens to be; and they'll go to great lengths to tell you how "with it" and sexy they are even though they have kids.


They want the hot mom who didn't eat for two years after having her kids so that she could become skinnier than she'd ever been and feel proud of herself for fitting into girls' size 14; the one who wears a mini skirt and 4-inch heels to Publix and who somehow manages to always look perfectly done; the one who can actually be that hot because her husband earns $100K+ so she doesn't have to work, yet she has a full-time nanny, so her day basically revolves around the gym, the mall and the beauty salon. Then she shows up at the "football stand" looking hot, and you wonder, "wow, how does she do it?"

She does it because she does NO mothering!

Look, I'm the first to say that being a mother doesn't mean I can't be sexy or well put together or any of that good stuff. But do you really believe that TV show wants those of us who look good but are, you know, real people? The ones who get food and crap all over their clothes when their babies eat, who wear sneakers or flip-flops to do the groceries, who don't always look 100% put together, who will wear a sexy outfit but not one that shows ass/navel/extreme cleavage all at the same time?

Yeah, right.

These people don't want truly sexy moms. They want to perpetuate the notion so many of us already have that for women who have kids, being sexy and confident means going to sometimes-ridiculous, sometimes-desperate, often-sad extremes just to be noticed, appreciated and admired.
Tere goes on to tell the show's producers they can kiss a part of her anatomy. LOL, I got to add this blog to my blogroll.

I agree with Tere, this show isn't looking for real Moms. Motherhood is a 24/7 job that isn't very glamorous but highly rewarding. It is also a job that requires great self sacrifice. Most moms tend to their children before themselves. Being hot isn't in the job description. Unless it means driving in a mini-van with three kids in back with the AC turned off.

God bless all the hard working Moms out there.

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