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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ten favorite bloggers

John Hawkins put up a revised list of his 40 favorite bloggers. I wasn't on it! Well I shouldn't be surprised, after all I gave John a knucklehead award not all that long ago. Then maybe he reads TFM as often as I read his blog.

By the way John, how is Rightroots doing? One of my favorite bloggers noted the organization would raise $1 million for 2006 campaigns by July 1st 2008.

Besides my ten favorites, here are other bloggers I like- Larry at Life on Tour, Ultima Thule, The crew at Wizbang, Peer Review FL, Below the Beltway, Ted and Walter at Overlawyered, Professor Bainbridge, The Anchoress, Bullwinkle, Mudville Gazette, Jo, Basil, GI in Korea, and John in Carolina.

10- Stuck on the Palmetto. My favorite fellow South Florida blogger. Rick is much more liberal than I but I enjoy his blog as seen by the many links I give him
9- Michelle Malkin. Michelle is a little too shrill for my tastes but I wouldn't have started blogging without my discovery of her blog in the summer of 2004.
8- Betsy
7- Kobayashi Maru. One of the most articulate bloggers out there and one of the blogosphere's best kept secrets.
6- Captain's Quarters. Ed continues to link to me even after I gave him the same knucklehead award as John
5- Ann Althouse
4- Greta at Hooah Wife and Friends. One of the friendliest people I've met in my time blogging.
3- Steven Taylor at Poliblog. A right of center blogger I find myself most often agreeing
2- Don Surber. One of the wisest and nicest conservative bloggers out there.

and my #1 favorite

James Joyner at Outside the Beltway. Combine what I say about bloggers #2 and #3 and that sums up James.

Anyone out there with their own lists, feel free to link to me and I'll link back.

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