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Friday, September 15, 2006


Nigerian scammers take in another unsuspecting person.

Largo, Florida - A 39-year-old Dunedin woman is in jail, accused of trying to cash counterfeit checks which she says were payment for a web cam sex performance.

Kathleen Hall was arrested at the Amscottt on Missouri Avenue in Largo where police say she was trying to cash two $850 checks.

Hall reportedly told police that she met someone online from Nigeria and agreed to perform a sex act on her web cam in return for money.

The checks came in an envelope with a Nigerian post mark, but police say they are counterfeit.

Hall is in the Pinellas County jail on $15,000 bond.
People still fall for this con. Who ever said "There is a sucker born every minute" was right.

But who was the sucker in this story. Go to the website and look at Ms. Hall's photo. I know pictures can be deceiving, but if I wasn't told so I'd have a hard time knowing this person was a woman!

And someone had Ms. Hall perform on a webcam? (Refer back to the title of this post as to that person's eyesight.) Its hard to believe Ms. Hall could think such a person existed. TFM isn't any beauty either, but I am wise enough to know no one would pay for m e to appear naked.

As my father said, "It takes all types of people to make up the world. If you live long enough, you'll meet every single one of them." Glad to make your acquaintance Kathleen Hall.

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