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Saturday, August 19, 2006

MSM Name Games

An article from

CORAL SPRINGS -- A large dog mauled a woman to death and was later killed by Coral Springs police officers who found the dog standing over the woman's lifeless body moments after the attack.

The woman's young daughter apparently witnessed the attack and rushed to a neighbor's home for help, said Coral Springs police Capt. Rich Nicorvo.

The woman was found dead near the pool behind the home at 9351 NW 39th Ct. in The Hills neighborhood.

An officer shot the dog dead. Its carcass was left at the bottom of the swimming pool behind a house.

Police had not confirmed the woman's identity, and neighbors said they were unsure of the woman's name.

The home belongs to Lazaro Rivero, according to Broward County property records.
Why is the Sun-Sentinel taking it upon itself to disclose the dead woman's identity? Only the police should be doing that so family members don't discover a loved one is dead through the news.

The Miami Herald did something similiar in their reporting of a crime last May. I wrote about it in this post of mine.

The Palm Beach Post identified the victim this morning.

Shawna Willey, 30, died next to her backyard pool while trying to bathe the dog at about 3:30 p.m., police said
I'm guessing authorities had notified Ms. Willey's family and disclosed the name to the press for publication.

Lets get back to the Sun Sentinel. What is it about names and this paper? They feel it important enough to report a dead person's possible name, but if someone breaks the law, they will omit the name? Here is an example of what I mean.

The father was taken into custody by police for questioning. The identities of those in the family were being withheld while the investigation continued.

See the difference. The Post has the name of the father and the Sun-Sentinel doesn't. This isn't a one-time occurence either. Click here, here, and here for more examples of the paper taking the name of a criminal out of the story. In one case I checked with the reporter(who actually worked for another paper but whose story was on the Sentinel's website) and it was the S. Sentinel that took out the name. What is it about the Sentinel do they like to coddle criminals and murderers?

If you point out the story was from Channel 5 in West Palm Beach, I'll point out this. The Post and Sun-Sentinel posted to the websites the same news within 15 minutes of one another. If one paper knew the identity, then both should have.
There's a sickness at the Sun-Sentinel. What compels a paper to possibly disclose the not yet released names of the dead but at the same time not name people who commit crimes? I don't understand this double standard, do any of you?

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