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Monday, May 01, 2006

What's the Purpose?

All quiet on the boycott or protest front here in Palm Beach County. There is a reason for that.

WEST PALM BEACH — Chanting, loud and insistent, several hundred people gathered at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on Sunday, calling on Congress to pass immigration reform to clear the path to citizenship for millions of immigrants in the United States.

It took place yesterday. There is more and why it was done then.

The event, which included a march that began 20 blocks south at Jose Marti Park, was meant to coincide with Monday's National Day of Action for Immigrant Justice.

Local organizers decided to rally on Sunday instead so that those who attended wouldn't risk losing their jobs and so it wouldn't be seen as a boycott.

Estimates of the crowd ranged from 300 to 500, far fewer than the 5,000 who rallied in Lake Worth on April 10.

So it wasn't a boycott and hardly anyone showed up. See they have their economic interests too. Its called survival. Take a day off is one less day's pay for most people and on top of it the fact they could be risking their jobs.

Only 500 showed up. Says alot about local enthusiasm.

What got accomplished then? It wasn't a boycott. Other than the Palm Beach Post, Florida newspapers around the state said these protests are going to be counter-productive. I'm guessing they will be, but our politicians in Washington for a wide assortment of reasons will just pay lip service to what a majority of Americans think. Some Big businesses aka Political contributors thrive on illegal labor.

On a side note- My wife has a co-worker. A legal immigrant and now a US citizen, she said last week that she would taking today off to take part in the boycott. This co-worker didn't come to work today and won't be paid for her time missed.

As some of you know, my wife is a legal immigrant to the US and been a citizen for 12 years. She doesn't sympathize at all with illegal aliens. Dear Wife says they go through the immigration process just like she did.

The Sun-Sentinel had an article this weekend with some other legal immigrants voicing similiar concerns.

I've said my views on immigration before. None of it has changed. They are not palatable to those on either end of this political debate. I just think I and a handful of other bloggers like James Joyner and Professor Bainbridge are much more realistic on this issue. Basil has some interesting thoughts today too.

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