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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Do they all look alike?

The Palm Beach Post had a story earlier this week on the LPGA's leading rookie Seon Hwa Lee. Lee is in fourth place going into the final round of the Ginn Clubs tournament in Orlando.

Now go read this headline.

South Korea's Kim rises to top of the rookie class

Kind of reminds me of this post of mine. I mean, the name Lee is mentioned throuhout the article and no mention of anyone named Kim. What was the person who headlined the story thinking of?

While we're talking about headlines, Mi-Hyun Kim is leading by three shots going into today's final round. The diminutive Kim is nicknamed Peanut. If she wins today I have a headline for the Post.

Peanut Shells Field

What do you think? If Peanut wins today it will be a doubly wonderful weekend, for she became an Aunt for the first time also.

Good luck Aunt Peanut, I mean Aunt Kimmy.

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