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Saturday, April 29, 2006

That is an understatement

The NFL draft is beginning in a matter of moments. A few bloggers, OTB Sports being one, are live blogging this spectacle.

ESPN/ESPN2 will be covering the Draft today and tomorrow. Millions will be watching too. All just to watch endless talk and highlight reels. I guess the NFL does that to people.

TFM will be watching from time to time. My TV is on right now, I'm mostly interested in what the Miami Dolphins and New York Jets will be doing. I won't be watching all day or live blogging the draft. This post will be updated as the day goes on.

What will the Dolphins do today? Your guess is as good as mine. Coach Nick Saban is being coy. The Dolphins have lots of needs. A first round pick could be used on either a linebacker, wide receiver or on the defensive backfield. On the other hand draft priorities can change on how the draft plays out. Miami never expected to find Dan Marino still available when they drafted 27th in 1983.

One problem the Dolphins has is lack of draft choices. No 2nd, 5th or 6th round picks. I have questioned Miami's deals in the past and still think this could be detrimental to the team's future.

As to the Jets, I think they need a QB. If Leinhart or Young are available, that should be the pick.

The draft has already begun. Yesterday the Houston Texans signed Mario Williams and some are already questioning it. Dr. Taylor also has his doubts.

The Palm Beach Post today had an article about the history of the 16th pick in the draft. That is where Miami is picking. Jerry Rice, Russ Francis, Gene Washington are just some of the stars who were picked 16th.

Has Miami ever drafted 16th? They did in back to back years in the 1980's.

The Dolphins don't necessarily have an impressive history picking at the 16th spot. They have had that selection twice, taking defensive end John Bosa of Boston College in 1987 and linebacker Eric Kumerow of Ohio State in '88. Each lasted three undistinguished seasons in Miami.

Undistinguished? Bust is the correct word for both Bosa and Kumerow. Lets hope Miami doesn't repeat those draft experience.

Update- Miami took DB Jason Allen from Tennessee. I hadn't heard this name when it came to potential picks for the Dolphins.

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