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Friday, May 05, 2006

What do you think?

Something happened between me and another blogger this morning. One that is on my blogroll.

It's Florida Cracker aka Donnah. As she is another Florida Blogger I visit her site regularly. Sometimes leaving comments on her posts, more often seeing a story she blogged on and I find it interesting too. Since last July I've linked to Donnah's blog posts on 35 occasions.(I did a search of our archives)

We've also exchanged a half dozen emails in about that period of time.

This morning I visited Florida Cracker. I saw this post. Finding it interesting, I gave the subject of the story today's Knucklehead award. If you look closely at Donnah's post, she has a series of links to cached pages and another blog. I put those links in my post. Then as is my practice I added a Hat tip to Florida Cracker. That's all I said. Then I trackbacked my post to Florida Cracker and other blogs.

I was surprised when a little over an hour later, this comment was added to the same post. It was Donnah.

Any other link you want to rip from my post? I think you missed one.

From the tone I reckoned something was wrong. I checked the Florida Cracker website. My trackback which I had seen earlier had gone through was now missing.

I wrote Donnah asking what happened and what was wrong. Donnah replied back, but has denied me permission to print the letter.

The basic gist of Donnah's letter was I had ripped off fher post. She felt my hat tip was inadequate for the work she did in preparing those links she had provided That I should have given her more credit.

In addition to deleting my trackback, Donnah deleted me from her blogroll. She did that before I even responded to her comment.

So I want to hear from some fellow bloggers. Did I do something wrong? Do you feel I owe Donnah an apology or do you think Donnah over reacted? I emailed Donnah a link to this post, also hoping to elicit her response.

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