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Friday, May 12, 2006

It's official- QB Joey Harrington now a Miami Dolphin

The Dolphins have completed a deal with the Detroit Lions. They'll get Joey Harrington for a conditional draft pick, either a fifth or sixth rounder. It will depend on how much playing time Harrington has with the Dolphins in 2006.

Over the last 2 plus years Miami has expended two second round draft picks, one sixth round pick and now either a fifth or a sixth, to either get a QB or get rid of one. Only two of the QBs are still on Miami's roster, the other two haven't played a down and one is injured. Seems like a lot has been given up for one position.

On another note, the Dolphins trade of LB Eddie Moore has fallen through. Moore failed a physical. Why does this not surprise me? I make a bet this expensive bust is cut by Miami within a year. Stay tuned.

Open Post- Bright & Early

Finally, after more than a month of dragged-out negotiations the Lions announced that they traded quarterback Joey Harrington to the Dolphins for an undisclosed conditional draft pick.

According to a report on, the Lions accepted a sixth-round draft pick from the Dolphins in 2007 for Harrington, the overall No. 3 pick of the 2002 draft. However, the pick can escalate to the fifth round if Harrington reaches a designated amount of playing time.

Harrington, 27, is expected to start in place of projected Dolphins starter Daunte Culpepper, until the former Vikings Pro Bowl quarterback recovers from major knee reconstruction. Culpepper might not be ready for the start of training camp or the regular season.

After signing three veteran quarterbacks in the offseason - Jon Kitna, Josh McCown and Shaun King - Lions General Manager Matt Millen allowed Harrington to talk to other teams. However, Millen complained to the NFL that the Dolphins had made Harrington a two-year offer - which was accepted.

The NFL Management Council ruled there was no impropriety because the Lions had granted Harrington permission to speak to other teams.

Millen lost all leverage in the transaction because if he didn't release or trade Harrington by June 15 the Lions would've had to dole out a $4 million roster bonus. Harrington said that he wouldn't renegotiate his contract with any other team except the Dolphins. That quashed any chance of a draft-day trade with the Browns.

By giving the Lions the future draft pick Dolphins coach Nick Saban showed that he wanted Harrington in camp for the start of organized team activities on Monday, as well as for the veteran's mini-camp from June 9-11.

Harrington started 55 games for the Lions with a record of 18-37. He completed 986 of 1,802 passes for 10,242 yards, with 60 touchdown passes and 62 interceptions, for an efficiency rating of 68.1.

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