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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bank Dress codes

We're not talking ties and jackets or skirts and heels. Instead it's becoming no sunglasses or hats.

Now, some banks in South Florida are posting signs at their entrances announcing a new dress code, asking people to take off their hats and sunglasses before entering the building.

The request has been endorsed by law enforcement officials, who think the measure will allow surveillance cameras to get a better look at bank robbery suspects.

It recently paid off in Fort Lauderdale, when a man suspected of robbing a Bank of America branch at 401 E. Las Olas Blvd. Thursday was captured in less than 24 hours. Police distributed a surveillance camera picture to the news media. Someone saw the published picture and recognized the suspected robber, and police made an arrest.


Signs asking people to remove headgear and eyewear have popped up in Davie, Pembroke Pines and Sunny Isles, and could be coming to a bank near you.
My own bank here in Lantana has you press a buzzer to be allowed inside. There is no sign yet about sunglasses or hats. Then I live in Palm Beach County, this story is about Broward.

The branch I do banking at is a 1/4 mile from the interstate. A quick getaway may have been this woman's motivation in robbing the branch my wife and I do our banking at. We know the teller who had the gun put to her head during the hold-up.

But enforcing the seemingly effective measure might prove difficult for banks.

At a Bank of America branch at 15891 Sheridan St. in Southwest Ranches, customers sporting shades and hats strolled right past a very visible black-and-gold sign that read ''Please remove hat and sunglasses before entering.'' The Broward Sheriff's Office logo was enlarged next to the words, giving it an official look.

Despite being posted next to the banking center's office hours, the sign was ignored and once inside, customers received no resistance from bank tellers or other employees.
What is the bank going to say- "No you can't do business here." ?

Customers are usually asked to take off dark sunglasses when they are withdrawing money because it allows tellers to match the person's face with the required photo identification, said Elena Ocasio, an employee at the bank.
Perfect common sense. My wife and I are familiar faces at our branch. I'm never asked for ID nor is the wife.

Starting late last year, BSO detectives began hosting crime watch seminars for businesses at banks, like the one in Davie. They gave out tips on how to avoid being robbed and what actions employees and business owners could take to discourage thieves, said Hugh Graf, a BSO spokesman.

He said detectives hold similar seminars for homeowners' associations and neighborhood watch groups.
If an adult wearing sunglases and hat knocked on my door, with the exception of law enforcement, I wouldn't answer them.

I guess it pays to be a little paranoid today. Remember Paranoids even have enemies.

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