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Thursday, April 20, 2006

You will regret what you did just before reading this

May have been what this man's fortune cookie read. Mr. Eliassaint will get off easy for his stupidity, he has pled down to a misdemeanor. Then you got to like the service the food's real recipients got. The police came right away for stolen food. I bet if I call the PBSO I'd be waiting for hours for the same crime. It is who you know sometimes.

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WEST PALM BEACH -- A little lo mein brought a bad fortune to Walter Eliassaint.

The Royal Palm Beach man ended up in jail for swiping some Chinese food meant for his neighbor and had faced 11 years in prison before pleading guilty Wednesday to a lesser charge and receiving a $333 fine.

The China King deliveryman went to the wrong door in January, and Eliassaint, 25, was hungry. He took the bag of food and signed the $27.33 credit card receipt, but was arrested before he could crack open his fortune cookie.

The food was meant for his neighbor, the girlfriend of a former police officer, who was with her and also hungry.

``Was it good?'' County Judge Paul Moyle asked Eliassaint at the plea hearing Wednesday.

``I didn't eat it,'' Eliassaint replied. ``I was in jail the same night.''

He was charged with forgery and uttering a forged instrument, both felonies. But the stock clerk at a local furniture store pleaded guilty to misdemeanor theft.

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