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Thursday, March 16, 2006

The secret(expensive) blend

The other day dear wife and I went out in the late afternoon. Our last stop was at my wife's employer. We were planning to cook dinner but made a quick decision to get some Kentucky Fried Chicken.

As it is there is a KFC not an 1/8th of a mile from Dear wife's work. We stopped in and looked at their menu selections. A minute later dear wife and I went home and cooked instead.

Why did we do this? DW and I were going to buy for ourselves and my mother-in-law. So an 8-piece meal with two sides sounded right. What does that meal cost plus two sides?


That is steep. Very steep to be truthful. If one went to Publix or Albertson's grocery store eight pieces of fried chicken in their deli departments runs $6.99. If one buys a couple of tv dinner sides, the most one would pay is $10. My sister-in-law Leonette loves Publix fried chicken. That grocery chain does make and sell quality deli meat and products.

Is eleven special herbs and spices really worth $10?

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