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Friday, March 17, 2006

More Blogger problems

I posted yesterday about what happened to Betsy's Page. Apparently Blogger is acting up with others who use them to host their blogs.

Last night I made this post. When I clicked on publish, Blogger gave me an error message after a long wait. I made another post this morning and suffered similiar problems. It has since been fixed, but recent events are making me convinced that I should find TFM a new home.

I actually have a new home. Its at Wordpress. Last fall I began to transfer my blog there but Hurrican Wilma and other commitments got me sidetracked from that job. I admit I don't relish having to recreate 1300+ posts to get my archives properly transferred. Then again its better than having Blogger delete my blog and have no archives at all.

TFM's days here at Blogger are numbered. I'll keep everyone advised of my move.

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