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Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Knuckleheads of the Day award

Today's winners are the City Council of St. Pete Beach Florida, Mayor Ward Friszolowski, Vice Mayor Deborah Martohue, and Commissioners Deborah L. Nicklaus, Ed Ruttencutter, and Nancy Markoe plus City Manager Mike Bonfield. They get today's award for suing the people of their own city! See the city wants to take property by eminent domain and some citizens are protesting by trying to bring it to a referendum. The Council is bringing suit to stop it, they even have the cajones to say they aren't using taxpayer money. What a bunch of horse bleep. This is just further proof of how dangerous Kelo can be abused. Elected politicians out of control who sue those who try holding them accountable. Its not a fair fight, city's have money that most of the public don't

For both fearing and abusing the democracy, the City Council of St Pete Beach Florida plus its City Manager are today's knuckleheads of the day.

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The city of St. Pete Beach, Fla., has filed suit against five residents who say they are opposed to a redevelopment plan officials claim will increase population and tax bases.

In what appears to be another case of eminent domain, with the city claiming an unchallengeable right to redevelop the quiet beachfront community, officials say they retained legal services after the rebellious residents collected signatures on a petition demanding the issue be put to a vote, WTSP-TV in Tampa-St. Petersburg reported yesterday.

According to the city's charter, citizens can call for a vote on "any adopted ordinance," but city officials decided to sue because they say the state won't allow citizens the right to vote on a redevelopment plan like the one under consideration.

What's more, they have denied they are using taxpayer funds to sue taxpayers.

"It's not about suing citizens," Mike Bonfield, St. Pete Beach city manager, told WTSP. But, he admitted, "that's the only legal mechanism we have in the legal system.

But Linda Chaney, one of the five residents behind the petition drive, said city officials "are using the unlimited funds of the taxpayers dollars to stop the taxpayers from voting and expressing their will on their own city."

Bonfield repeated, however, "it is not a matter of suing people, it's making sure what is put in front of the residents is valid."

Chaney remained undeterred.

"All we are asking as citizens is the right to vote on changes for our city so it is for the betterment of our entire community not a few select developers and land owners," she told the TV station.

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