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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

For goodness sake why?

Over a month ago I blogged about Congressman Bill Young and his wife Beverly. She was removed from her seat in the gallery at the President's State of the Union address. The reason according to Beverly- for wearing a T-shirt that says, "Support the Troops Defending Our Freedom."

This is just frankly unbelievable. I'm going to keep up on this story.

Update- Poliblog and Confederate Yankee are also blogging on the this. Welcome Outside The Beltway and Iowa Voice readers.

I have a pretty open interpertation of the Freedom of Speech. Some bloggers are pointing out the rule is rule, no matter whom. Cindy Sheehan was taken away. I support Cindy's right to protest, always have. I support Beverly Young's right to her view. People say demonstrations would disrupt the SOTU. Heck what did all that applause do? Besides how open are the seats given away? Very few people get them. The SOTU is a once a year show. Staged managed like a Broadway show except its as boring as watching grass grow. Some people complain of restrictions on speech untill they see someone saying something they don't like. I think everyone has the right up to till a danger is created. What was the danger last night? Someone's cueing and directing is not going to happen as planned?

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ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) - The wife of Representative C-W- Bill Young says she was ejected during President Bush's State of the Union address for wearing a T-shirt that says, "Support the Troops Defending Our Freedom."

That's according to the Saint Petersburg Times.

Beverly Young says she was sitting in the front row of the House gallery last night when she was approached by someone who told her she needed to leave.

She says she reluctantly agreed, but argued with several officers in an outside hallway.

In a telephone interview with the newspaper, Young said she told them her shirt wasn't a protest but a message of support.

Capitol Police Sergeant Kimberly Schneider says Young wasn't ejected from the gallery and she left on her own. She couldn't provide additional details.

Young's husband is a Republican from Indian Shores. He found out about the incident after Bush's speech and called it unacceptable.

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