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Monday, January 16, 2006

In memory of Paul Haberling Sr

My Uncle Paul passed away last Friday. He was 73. Uncle Paul was survived by my Aunt Rita, my four cousins Paul Jr, Beverly, Teresa, and Robert plus over 10 grandchildren.

Uncle Paul and Aunt Rita lived just 2.5 hours up the road in St. Cloud Florida. Dear wife and I will be leaving this afternoon to go to the wake.(The funeral and burial will take place in New York) I have many memories of my uncle, a retired bread truck driver from Suffolk County New York. Uncle Paul was originally from the Dakotas but he and my aunt lived first in Commack(Great big house where I remember the touch football games in the backyard and pool table in the basement/rec room) and later in Florida. My late father was very fond of Uncle Paul as was I. I'm having trouble expressing myself, but I will miss Uncle Paul. God bless him.

Blogging will be light today, and non-existent this afternoon and tonight. I'm also seeing my oncologist this afternoon, dear wife and I will be leaving for St. Cloud immediately afterwards. The open trackback festival I planned for today will be done tomorrow.

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