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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Out of Left field

Is a good way of describing many Palm Beach Post editorials. Here's one from today's paper that has me puzzled.

Florida Supreme Court Justice Barbara Pariente and two of her colleagues got good news last week. Another politician wants to get them off the bench.

This time, the mindlessly angry public servant is Rep. Rafael Arza, R-Miami. The chairman of the House PreK-12 Committee got mad when Chief Justice Pariente and Justices R. Fred Lewis and Peggy Quince teamed with two others on the high court to strike down Florida's first school voucher program. Voters will decide in November whether to retain the three justices, and Rep. Arza wants to lead the campaign against them.

The last politician who tried this judicial revenge was Palm Beach County Commissioner Mary McCarty. After the 2000 presidential recount, she got involved with a group that wanted to unseat justices who had ruled against President Bush. Her bumbling participation drew an elections law violation, which she compounded with an ethics law violation for illegally raising money to pay her legal costs from the elections law violation.

Oh, and all the justices from the presidential election controversy kept their jobs. As will the justices from the voucher controversy. As they should.

First, if you don't agree with Randy Schultz you're mindless. Typical Post name calling. Second Rep Arza can do as he wishes, this is after all a democracy. Third Guilt by Association. The Post would never use that standard towards criminals(It shouldn't. Proof is needed), so why is Arza connected to Ms. McCarty except that the Post don't like them.

But what puzzles me is I did a search for any news articles on Arza. Other than Gov. Bush Press release, there is no mention of Arza in any news article this year. That's a check of newspapers in Miami(Arza's town town), Ft. Lauderdale, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Orlando, Tallahassee and even the Palm Beach Post. I did google and AOL searches and came up similiarly.

The press release never called for a campaign to remove the Judges. So from where did this diatribe by the Post get its start? Is the Post making things up now? A email to Mr. Schultz is going to be a waste of time. I may bring this up to someone higher up at the Post. Because right now, I don't see any basis for the Post editorial.

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