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Friday, November 25, 2005

What were those programmers thinking?

Yesterday morning I flip flopped channels(we have directv) to see if there was anything interesting on to watch. I made some interesting discovries.

The Sci-Fi Channel had an all day marathon. Not surprising, this network does it all the time. But what was the theme of the marathon? Living Dead movies. Man eating cannibal movies on Thanksgiving day.

I guess someone at Scifi thought this was delicious black humor. But do people want to be stuffing their faces while watching people stuff their faces with faces of people they are eating?

One of the Starz channels had Dawn of the Dead(2004) on at dinner time. So Scifi channel wasn't alone.

So be careful next thanksgiving when flip flopping channels. Memo to Sci-Fi channel- How about a Twilight Zone marathon instead next time?

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