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Thursday, August 18, 2005

I'm back

It's been 10 days since my last post. Here is what happened in the interim.

In a prior post on August 8th I mentioned some health concerns I had. Little did I know that beginning on August 9th I would be hospitapized for parts of 10 days. The cause- Pulmonary embolism. Some blood clots related to other health issues of mine traveled to a lung artery. I spent the 9-13th in a hospital ICU being treated for this very serious condition. I pulled through but not without a minor scare.

I'm home now, not really up to speed but glad to be in my own home. I even have a Knucklehead award for later. Guess blogging will be light for a bit, while I recover healthwise, pay the bills, answer a huge pile of correspondence chess games that piled up, and get caught up on some other things.

Right now I am clueless to what is going on in the blogosphere. I was without internet for my entire hosp. stay. Truthfully I wasn't up to much till a few days ago, so I couldn't have kept up if I wanted to. I am sorry to see too many bloggers I respect are still mired in the Cindy Sheehan story. My view hasn't changed on this one bit. I'll blog about that and my knucklehead later.

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