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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Two must reads

Go and read two of today's columns over at the NY Times.

Maureen Dowd


Nicholas Kristoff

Ms. Dowd's column is a moving story of the mother who raised her. You'll feel richer for the few minutes spent reading it. I emailed Ms. Dowd my condolences after I was done reading.

Mr. Kristoff's column is a scathing assault on MSM's coverage of the genocide in Darfur. That story has gotten far too little coverage as have others like the Kelo decision for one in the media over coverage of things like M. Jackson, M. Stewart, and those two unmentionables I refuse to say on my blog but codenamed by two southern states they originate from, Alabama and Georgia. Three minutes by CBS all of 2004? That network apparently isn't in the news business any more.

Kudos to Mr. Kristoff for bravely saying it. Maybe Frank Rich can take a lesson from his colleague but I won't get my hopes up.

Yes I took my meds today. Michelle Malkin is also feeling well and I hat tip her.

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