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Thursday, July 21, 2005

John Roberts Nomination roundup and a prediction

The Palm Beach Post editorialized this morning. Not surprisingly the paper took swipes at the judge, including the paranoia theme of taking Karl Rowe off the headlines, a gratuitous remark about the military tribunals at Guantanamo not having due process, and how Republicans want to turn back 70 years of legislation. For balance the Post did compare him to Ward Cleaver and hedged their bets as to whether they endorse Judge Roberts saying the Senate has to determine yet if he is just conservative or an ideologue.

Captain Ed points out a news story where the two diversely different Democratic Senators Joseph Lieberman and Diane Feinstein both say a fillibuster on Roberts was unlikely. But they qualified their statements by saying at this time. I wouldn't put it beneath the Democrats to try fillibustering this candidate. There appears little the party does any more but be knee jerk obstructionists.

Outside the Beltway points out a lengthy Washington Post article by Howard Kurtz about how some in the press are ticked. They had been misled to believe Bush's nominee was to be Edith Clement. How dare they be fooled like this! I just say don't believe any thing till an announcement is made. Otherwise you better be prepared for a fall.

Now time for my prediction. As has been stated by those on both the left and right, there was surprise Bush didn't pick a woman to replace O'Connor. Here's my take on it.

When William Rehnquist retires Bush will nominate the next Chief Justice- Janice Rogers Brown. What is my reasoning behind this?

1- Next year is an election year and probably when Rehnquist will retire. Will the Democrats try to oppose a black woman for Chief Justice? I don't think the Democrats are that suicidal but I could be wrong.

2- The Clarence Thomas experience. Thomas name came up for the seat that David Souter was appointed to but Bush Sr decided not to appoint him. Why? Because Clarence Thomas had only been on the Federal Bench a short time. Just like Janice Rogers Brown.

Now put this prediction in a jar or print it off. In a year we'll find out if I'm right or wrong.

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