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Saturday, August 28, 2010

I don't blame him

Lying thief Rick Scott won the Florida GOP gubernatorial nomination last Tuesday. Are over a half million Florida registered Republicans out of their mind?

Florida's Attorney General and the person Scott beat in the primary, isn't endorsing the lawbreaker.

Bill McCollum doesn't forget easily.

Two days after he lost the Republican nomination for governor, McCollum still refuses to support winner Rick Scott, and continues to raise questions about his former rival's character.

In his first public appearance since conceding the race, McCollum said Thursday that he called Scott to ``congratulate him and wish him well.'' But he didn't bury the hatchet in one of the nastiest primary's in state history.

``I still have serious questions about issues of his character, his integrity, his honestly -- things that go back to Columbia/HCA,'' McCollum said, referring to Scott's former hospital chain, which paid a $1.7 billion fine after a federal criminal investigation. ``As other voters will do, I will judge him throughout this campaign.''

The attorney general's remarks put a serious dent in the message of party unity and reopened a vulnerability Democratic candidate Alex Sink is likely to exploit in the general election.
Before I get started, I'm not a Bill McCollum fan. He's what my wife calls an empty can. He makes noise but does little else. If Howdy Doody had won the GOP nomination on Tuesday, Alex Sink was still getting my vote. McCollum has been AG in Florida for 4 years and done next to nothing. Banks are foreclosing on people using forged documents and what has he done about it? Nothing! An investigation announced at least two years too late for thousands of homeowners.

Normally I'd declare a politician defeated at the polls a sore loser, but not in McCollum case. As I wrote earlier this week, Scott is either a thief or a total incompetent. The Hospital Corporation he was CEO of robbed Federal taxpayers, and that includes Floridians, of billions of dollars through Medicare and Medicaid Fraud.

Scott claims he didn't know what was being done. If true, then he's an incompetent manager. Do the citizens of Florida want a thief or incompetent manager in charge of this state? Apparently over 500,000 people and I shake my head in response. God help us if Scott gets elected, and don't say The Florida Masochist didn't warn anyone.

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