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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The lying Judge Cheryl Alemán

From the Sun-Sentinel-

A Broward Circuit Court jurist, more accustomed to sitting in judgment of others, is scheduled to stand trial today on allegations of judicial misconduct.

Circuit Judge Cheryl Alemán faces three charges of violating rules governing judges' conduct on and off the bench. The state Judicial Qualifications Commission, the agency that oversees state and county judges, will hear testimony on charges that Aleman engaged in "a pattern of arrogant, discourteous, and impatient conduct toward lawyers" and others appearing in her courtroom and "acting in a manner that erodes public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary."If Alemán is found guilty, she could face sanctions ranging from a public reprimand before the Florida Supreme Court to removal from the bench. Aleman's attorney, Dave Bogenschutz, who has handled several similar cases, said removal is unlikely in these circumstances.

Alemán is accused of several violations, including that she unfairly held, or threatened to hold, attorneys in contempt and denied motions to step down from handling cases where she had a possible conflict with the defense attorney.
Read on this dangerous Knucklehead of a woman did put an attorney in jail.

The judge has denied the allegations.
Now we can add liar to the list of things Alemán can be called. Dave Bogenschutz, what did your client do to Adam Katz in February 2006? Be honest for a change. Oh you're representing a liar, so you have to lie for her. What is a person who lies about her official duties doing on the bench any where in this country?

During one murder trial, it is alleged Alemán poorly treated assistant public defenders Sandra Perlman and Bruce Raticoff and gave them insufficient time – only minutes – to file proper legal motions to remove her from the case. She is also accused of showing bias in favor of the prosecution in that case.

In another instance, Alemán is charged with scheduling a contempt of court hearing for a defense attorney, Adam Katz, at a time when she knew he was out of town. She later sentenced him to 60 days in jail. Another judge reduced his sentence to time served – five days.
It is a disgrace and a travesty that its taken almost two years or longer for justice to be done. Judges should not be above the law, but held to a higher standard. In Judge Cheryl Alemán's case, she should both be removed from the bench and prosecuted for false imprisonment. Otherwise the justice system in Florida is a joke.

Update- The charge involving Attorney Katz was dropped today. I'm betting Alemán gets nothing more than a wrist slap. See what I mean about justice in Florida being a joke.

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