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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Where have I been

A couple of bloggers, Jo and Rosemary, have been wondering if anything happened to me because I hadn't posted here in two weeks. Another blogger emailed me. Here is an explanation.

From November 14 to the 19th I was busy covering the ADT Champinship for the OTB Sports Blog. The LPGA was being very strict as to how their tournament was being covered, so I didn't blog at TFM at all during the time I was covering the ADT. Maybe I could have asked if I could cross post here, but since I had only wrangled my press credentials with the help of a local golf writer, I didn't want to press my luck. For this tournament my media status was pretty much on probation status.

Whatever you may say about my blog, I've actually done some reporting. There was this story from two years ago also which got ignored by my hometown newspaper. Bloggers who also report are not the norm.

I'm still dealing with my cancer, and covering the tournament was not without physical exertion. I walked 9-14 holes every day from the 15th-19th. That's at least two miles a day of walking, and Trump International isn't your stereotypical Florida golf course. Walking isn't done on flat ground on at least 1/3rd of the holes I walked. On November 17th I went for my treatment and still walked nine holes afterwards and survived.(I was trying to make a good impression with the PR people who give out media credentials.)

I did fine with the walking while the tournament was being played, mostly since I'm used to walking two miles a day when healthy. The day after the tournament finished, I crashed and burned essentially. I was physically wiped out for about half of Monday and for the rest of the week up till today. The only blogging I did, was a little bit of sports at OTB Sports. There wasn't much news to talk about, so I took a rest.

Right now I'm feeling better. This is also the week I start this week giving myself the interferon shots myself. I'll be back to blogging tomorrow or Tuesday.

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