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Saturday, November 10, 2007

In need of help

Someone really should make the Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol lay down.

Read the whole speech on Lieberman's website. As for Rudy and John and Fred and Mitt and Mike: Take a break from kissing babies to pick up the phone and congratulate Joe. Seek his endorsement after you win the nomination. What the heck--offer him the vice presidency. (Rudy, you might try State or Defense, since you'll need a pro-life running mate.) But McCain-Lieberman, Thompson-Lieberman, Romney-Lieberman,
Huckabee-Lieberman--those sound like winning tickets to us. It's true, given the behavior of the congressional Democrats, the GOP nominee might well win with a more conventional running mate. But why settle for a victory if you can have a realignment?
Why would a Republican offer the Vice Presidency to the 2000 Democratic VP candidate? James Joyner at OTB replies-

The idea, frankly, is baffling. Yes, Lieberman is a foreign policy hawk. He’s probably even a neocon. Even to the extent that out-of-favor agenda is somehow the path to retaining the White House, however, it makes no sense to chose a backup quarterback who would install an entirely different domestic policy game plan were the starter to go out.

Lieberman is a moderate liberal who won the Democratic party’s vice presidential nod in 2000. He became anathema to his old party within a few years almost solely on the single issue of the Iraq War. Why on earth would a conservative Republican want him on the ticket?

It would make far, far more sense to pick a young, up-and-coming Republican governor for the number two spot. Surely, it wouldn’t be hard to find one who shares the nominee’s basic vision on foreign and domestic policy.
Truthfully I think Kristol is far removed from reality. There was this recent column of his trying to cheer up the GOP about their chances in 2008. Oh don't forget how his magazine said they got confirmation on documents saying Saddam was running terrorist training camps in the days leading up to the 2003 invasion. I'm still waiting for President Bush to produce them. Maybe you should give him a call Bill.

I feel sorry for Kristol. Maybe TFM can take up a collection for him. For its certain, Mr. Kristol is far removed from reality.

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