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Friday, November 09, 2007

Wrecking ball

From the Miami Herald-

In a move that's hardly surprising, the city of Miami has decided to demolish the Orange Bowl, a 70-year-old sports cathedral that has staged some of the biggest and most memorable events in South Florida history.

And soon, the public will get a chance to buy pieces of the stadium, even the urinals.

Miami City Manager Pete Hernandez said Thursday that he will recommend the stadium be torn down. The issue will have to go before the Miami City Commission, but Hernandez expects approval.

Hernandez said the demolition likely will occur in March or April, after a yet-to-be hired firm spends several weeks selling off memorabilia from the stadium. The final event at the Orange Bowl will be a high-school football All-Star game, on Jan. 4.

Hernandez said the decision to demolish is being driven largely by the desire to use the land for a retractable-roof ballpark for the Florida Marlins.
The Orange Bowl has outlived its usefulness. With the UM leaving, there is little reason to keep the stadium only.

As to buying parts of the old stadium, what's the saying about a fool and their money? What kind of nut is going to want to tell friends and family. "This was a urinal at the Orange Bowl when they tore down the stadium.

One last thing. Note the photo above. The Miami Herald once again miscaptions a photo. Super Bowl X was played on Jan 18th, 1976 not 1975.

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