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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Aliza Schwab goes home

The most recent news on a 4-year-old girl who nearly drowned over a month ago.

(CBS4) MIAMI A near drowning left a once vibrant 4-year old girl bed-ridden and forced to rely on tubes to breathe and eat. Tuesday, after six weeks in critical condition, Aliza Schwab got to go home.

The accident happened when Aliza slipped away from her parents at their home in North Miami Beach and fell into the pool in the backyard. Today, she has limited brain activity, and doctors have said they don’t see much hope for a full recovery. But her family is convinced she will get better and live a normal life.

“I talk to her, she’ll show me her hands,” said Aliza’s mother, Esther Schwab. “People are in comas and people come out of comas. I believe she will, I believe she’s made an enormous amount of progress and I’m gonna do whatever I can to continue with her care.”

Aliza will require full-time care including an in-home nurse. Her family says for now, insurance is helping but they are accepting donations.
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I hope and pray the Schwabs get a miracle. God bless this family.

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