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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Adios Mel

Robert Novak is reporting that Florida Senator Mel Martinez will quit his job as General Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Sen. Mel Martinez of Florida, who was named general chairman of the Republican Party only nine months ago, has advised associates that he will leave the post as soon as somebody clinches the party's presidential nomination. That probably will come after the Feb. 5 primary elections next year.

When Martinez took the party post Jan. 19, it was expected he would stay on through the 2008 elections as the GOP's principal national spokesman. Many Republicans now grumble that Martinez has been ineffective in that role, partly because he has been drowned out by the many presidential hopefuls.

Kentucky lawyer Mike Duncan, who came on board with Martinez as chairman of the Republican National Committee, is expected to remain running day-to-day operations at national party headquarters for the balance of his two-year term.
So far as his chairmanship duties go, I have no opinion whether Mel has been effective or ineffective. From the start, I never liked his taking the chairmanship because I felt this job would conflict with his duties representing the people of Florida. I was correct, when Martinez took the National party's side in the controversy over the date change for the Florida's Presidential primary. I gave Senator Martinez a knucklehead award and called for him to resign.

Maybe Martinez got the message. What did Matthew 6:24 say about serving two masters?

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