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Monday, October 01, 2007

Fashion statement

Venus Williiams won her second tennis tournament of 2007 last weekend.

SEOUL, South Korea - Top-seeded Venus Williams beat Maria Kirilenko 6-3, 1-6, 6-4 in the championship of the Korean Open on Sunday.

"Sometimes in the match I was a little disappointed with the errors I was making, and it made it a lot tougher for me," said Williams, who won her third title of the season. "But at the end, I guess in the last few games, I started to play much better."

Williams hadn't lost a set in the tournament heading into the final, but she had to work to improve to 3-0 in her career against Kirilenko, who had a nine-match winning streak.

Williams had five double-faults and was broken three times in the second set. She finished with 11 double-faults for the match. But Williams broke Kirilenko twice in the third to secure the win.
While none of the top players were playing in Korea, I do believe Venus plus her sister Serena are firmly back as top ten tennis players in the World. Maybe top five for Serena.

I don't think Venus looks good in a hangbok but Robert Koehler says the tennis player looks better in one than Britney Spears. Robert is probably right, as he resides in the ROK.

The only women I've ever seen wearing these dresses, came on a brief visit of mine to South Korea in 1989. The Lotte hotel had young women stand by the hotel elevators and smile at people as they went upstairs. What an inefficient use of hotel resources. My late father owned and ran two on Long Island and never employed such women. Then neither hotel had an elevator!

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