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Wednesday, September 12, 2007


This morning the wife came home from Catholic mass between 8-8:30 like she does five days a week. She says to me. "Someone broke into a neighbor's car and home. The police are outside."

Sure enough they were. The neighbor directly across the street, had his car broken into and sound equipment stolen. Another neighbor's home was broken into.

Our neighbors to the south, The Gellers, are up in Canada as they usually are at this time of the year. Police and neighbors wondered if someone was living in the house. One of the hurricane shutters was open. So the canine unit came to check things out. No one was found.

I've never suffered a break-in during my life. During the early 80's, my parent's home in Boca Raton was burglarized. It does leave a person feeling violated.

On a happier note, TFM's household has a new family member. We took in a two and a half month old kitten. We named her Misay. You pronounce that like Miss Sigh. In my wife's dialect(waray), Misay means cat. LOL.

The kitten has taken a little getting used to. She's playful but was very scared at first by her new surroundings. Our other cat, a ten-year-old named Eponine, had her nose put out of joint by having another cat in the house. They're getting along well now, the kitten even trying to be fed by Eponine, like the cat was her mother.

My surgery is next Tuesday. I'll only be in the hospital overnight on the 18th, so there will be no blogging the 18th and 19th(except to check in to say how I'm doing after I get home). I may take an extended break from blogging, Dear wife is on vacation for two weeks starting Saturday. She needs a break, and maybe I should take one too. Maybe I'll work on a few of my web fiction stories. A break from writing, but I still write. LOL. Health permitting, I'll be back by October 1st.

To be honest I haven't felt much like blogging for about a week. I'm going through the motions, knucklehead awards and not much else. There have been topics I could have written on, but just didn't feel up to it. I'm depressed and distracted right now. A cancer recurrence after twelve years just knocks you for a loop.

Enough said, I don't want to bore you all.

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