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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


It is the day after my surgery. I'm feeling decent overall. The site of my surgery(My neck) hurts some, and I had trouble getting comfortable last night when trying to sleep. Otherwise I'm doing great. As you can see, I blogged quite a bit yesterday after getting home. Today will see more of the same, as I relax(blogging) from the comfort of the couch in my den. If tired, I either put down my laptop and try getting some shuteye, or turn on Hawaii Five 0 Season two.

Now the tough part begins, waiting for my biopsy results. I return to the doctor on Wednesday of next week. We hope to have the results then. If the test comes back positive, I got some serious changes ahead. No use talking or thinking about them too much at this point.

If anyone wonders why Michael Vick hasn't won my Knucklehead award yet, here is an explanation. I'm waiting till he actually pleads before a court, then I'll give Vick his overdue award. There have been many good Knucklehead candidates the last few dates that I felt like postponing Vick's award.

Traffic is up at the blog. Alot of it due to an old post of mine on Vick, but visitors to TFM has been increasing since the spring. My best month for visitors and page views still remains September of 2006. Mostly due to the unfolding of th Mark Foley scandal.

Have a great day. I'll try doing the same.

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