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Monday, August 20, 2007

Green over Lemon

From the Sun-Sentinel-

DAVIE - In an attempt to speed up the installation of the team's new offense, the Dolphins named Trent Green the starting quarterback for the Sept. 9 season opener against Washington.

Coach Cam Cameron spoke to all his quarterbacks Monday and announced his decision, which ended a training camp battle between Green and Cleo Lemon, who has spent the past two seasons as the Dolphins No. 3 quarterback after previously working with Cameron in San Diego.

"We're at the point where we're putting this offense together and the one thing this offense needs is leadership. Trent brings that," said Cameron, the former Chargers offensive coordinator who is embarking on his first season as a head coach.

"Cleo's time is coming, it's getting closer and closer . . . But he's got a lot of room for growth, especially in the area of leadership."

Cameron said Lemon has performed well during training camp and the exhibition season. Playing behind Green in the team's two exhibition wins, Lemon has completed 76 percent of his passes for 108 yards, trumping Green's 45 completion percentage and 101 yards (with one interception).

But Cameron favored Green for the starting spot because of 107 starts he's compiled over the past 14 seasons. However, Cameron said he's confident about Lemon being Green's backup.
Defying stats and logic, Cameron is going with the injured aging quarterback. The Dolphins are going to stink this year, Green is not going to make them better. Give the ball to Lemon and see what he can do. Green isn't going to bring Miami to the playoffs, and I'm betting he'll be gone by 2008. His play so far this year hasn't impressed one bit.

Cameron's decision doesn't surprise me. That's the sad part, you'd think Miami would have learned already from past QB mistakes. Apparently not. They'll be 1-4, 2-6 and then dump Green. By then Miami's 2007 will shot but wait till next year! What will be the QB solution of 2008?

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