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Saturday, August 18, 2007

All politics is local

There are two stories out of today's Palm Beach Post. First Charlie Crist has appointed someone to replace Warren Newell.

After just nine months on the job, Bob Kanjian will trade in his school board seat for a spot on the county commission.

Gov. Charlie Crist on Friday selected Kanjian, a Republican, to replace Warren Newell, who resigned last month while under federal investigation for allegations of privately profiting from matters on which he voted as a commissioner.

"Bob's business experience along with his commitment to public service will be a great asset," Crist said in a statement. "His leadership on the Palm Beach County School Board and various civic organizations demonstrates his dedication to the community."

Kanjian, 41, an attorney and businessman, will finish out Newell's term, which ends in November 2008. He was one of at least 28 people who applied.


The county was prepared to swear him in at Tuesday's commission meeting. But Kanjian had not submitted his resignation from the school board as of late Friday.
Kanjian isn't the worst selection Crist could have made. Still picking someone from outside the district, and who is currently serving in another elected position, makes Kanjian less than the ideal choice.

Now a school board seat is open. Maybe my wife will apply. LOL, I actually mentioned it yesterday and she said why not.

Three-time Knucklehead winner and Elections Supervisor Arthur Anderson, will have opposition in next year's election.

State Rep. Susan Bucher, D-West Palm Beach, will challenge incumbent Arthur Anderson next year for the much-scrutinized job of Palm Beach County elections supervisor.

"I think it's important that we get our voting right and bring back our voter confidence," said Bucher, who must give up her legislative seat next year because of term limits.

Anderson, who ran on a similar platform in 2004, said he has delivered on that pledge with only "minor" setbacks and will file papers soon to seek reelection.

The elections supervisor is a nonpartisan position that has ignited intense partisan heat. Anderson, a Democrat, unseated two-term incumbent Theresa LePore in 2004 after LePore's infamous 2000 presidential "butterfly ballot" design drew international attention and the wrath of many local Democrats.
I really don't know alot about Bucher. What I know about Anderson makes me hardly inclined to vote for him in 2008.

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