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Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Easter Thursday Knucklehead Festival Part Four

Our fourth winner today is JL Kirk & Associates, former known as formerly Bernard Haldane. They get the award for their threatening to sue blogger Katherine Coble. Ms Coble wrote of her unhappiness when she and her husband had dealings with JL Kirk. Not likiing it, JL Kirk & Associates is trying to bully Katherine Coble into silence. Click here and here to read the letter she received from King & Ballow Law Offices and its attorney, Alan E Korpady. (Feel free to email Mr. Korpady.)

JL Kirk and Associates or its attorneys must have never heard of this story. They've just gone from having one disgruntled person expressing their viewpoints on the web, to having the news of their threatened lawsuit reported in the local press and by arguably the biggest name in blogging. Now rather than having a few people know of one person's experience with their firm, JL Kirk has created the opportunity for thousands or even a million(if it ever gets to the national MSM) readers to learn of the bad service Katherine Coble had with their firm. This is the blogospheric equivalent of trying to douse a small fire with gasoline. Ms. Coble has a right to her views, and JL Kirk will have to live with it. Just like JL Kirk & Associates will have to live with being today's fourth Knucklehead of the Day.

By the way this site and Bill Hobbs have excellent posts that are worth being read. Here's another blog worth visiting.

Note- With this award JL Kirk & Associates, former known as formerly Bernard Haldane has joined the ranks of people who condone rapists and child molestors, or men who like to have sex with horses. I'm not saying what this firm equals what those others did, they just all have something in common now. How that will effect JL Kirk & Associates reputation now is anyone's guess.

Hat tip- James Joyner at Outside the Beltway. Dr. Taylor at Poliblog also weighs in with an excellent post.
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