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Thursday, June 29, 2006


Golf World Magazine has struck again. Do these people take their work seriously?

7. Jeong Jang takes the LPGA Wegmans, her second title of 2006.On the LPGA this season, the tournament isn't over until the Korean lady lifts the trophy.

Funny comment. Too bad its wasted because the beginning is wrong. Jeong Jang has only won one title in 2006.

Eight Korean winners, 8 wins. I don't know how anyone can have two except that GW can't do elementary math.

This section is also co-written by GW editor in chief Geoff Russell. An editor-in-chief who doesn't know the facts and can't add. No wonder this magazine is such a disgrace.

Play at the US Women's Open was cancelled today because of fog. They hope to play 18 tomorrow, 18 Saturday and 36 on Sunday. Good luck USGA, between fog and rain this tournament may be completed by August. The couse is wet already. I say 3-1 odds against a Sunday finish. Anyone think otherwise?

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