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Monday, May 01, 2006

Peanut Shells Field

Mi-Hyun (left) posing with Dakoda Dowd yesterday after Peanut won the Ginn Clubs Classic by two shots. Way to go Aunt Kimmy.

Peanut a short hitter known for her great fairway woods and short game, surprised everyone including herself on the 17th hole. With her lead down to two shots, Mi Hyun unleashed a 290 yard drive which set up a birdie that essentially iced the tournament for her.

Yesterday also saw Se Ri Pak play her best tournament in nearly two years with a tie for 9th. Here's hoping the future hall of famer gets back to the level of play we've all known her for.

I been deficient in not blogging about the remarkable story of Dakoda Dowd and her mother Kelly. Dakoda who is only thirteen years old was given a sponsors exemption. See her mother has metastatic cancer, and her prognosis is not very good. Kelly wanted to see her daughter play with the pros before the cancer takes her life.

Dakoda shot 74-82 and missed the cut but made quite an impression with people. Myself included. God bless Dakoda and Kelly Dowd. All of you and Peanut too are winners.

If Golf World magazine was smart, the photo above would be on their cover this week. I wouldn't place any bets on it.

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