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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Good luck Toni

Lt. Governor Toni Jennings on her future in politics-

With even his presidential brother wondering last week about what Florida Gov. Jeb Bush would do after he leaves office, few have paid much attention to the fate of Lt. Gov. Toni Jennings, who also will be turning out the office lights in January.

But unlike her boss, who remains sketchy about his political future, Jennings is fairly direct when asked if serving as lieutenant governor is her last public office.

"Yes, it is," Jennings said.

Does that mean she has no interest in running for mayor of either Orlando or Orange County?

"Well, you never say never," she conceded. "But when I left to go home last time [in 2000], I didn't think I'd ever be back in Tallahassee. But [future office] is not in my plans."

Jennings left the Legislature in 2000 after serving 24 years and two terms as Senate president. Returning home to Orlando's Rose Isle neighborhood, Jennings' political career looked complete until Bush asked her to join the administration in 2003 as lieutenant governor.

But anticipating a second departure from Tallahassee, Jennings appears serious this time about turning the page.

"I'm going home to be home," she said. "I've had a revelation that I don't have to run for anything to be a good person. I know who I am."
I for one will miss Toni Jennings, one of the more sensible Republicans in this state. Too bad she didn't run for governor. Given half a chance she'd beat the two candidates we have at present. A Knucklehead and a Spammer.

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