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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Ten Worst Americans or Ten Knucklehead Americans

Alexandra at All Things Beautiful is challenging the blogosphere to come up with this list. Its based on a BBC article about Professors in the UK picking the worst Britons over the last thousand years.

This isn't so easy, are are many candidates over the history of the United States. We'll start with some more recent history, 2005.

2005 Top 10- US Supreme Court Justices Souter, Stevens, Breyer, Kennedy and Ginsberg. James Michael Tait, Senator Richard Durbin, Kenny Rogers. Well that's eight. They are also my Knucklehead of the Year finalists.

For the last 230 years- Timothy McVeigh, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, Jefferson Davis,

11 am update- Add Richard Nixon and Aaron Burr to the four above.

Well that's a start. There are many names popping in my head, but its hard to sort them out. I'd need more time.(Or more coffee or preferrably both). Go to ATB and have fun or post here in my comments section.

December 31st Update- The Knucklehead of 2005 has been chosen.

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