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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Robert Novak's source has been found!

Read this news. Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson are outed by their five-year-old son. I await the Grand Jury investigation.(Insert sarcastic laughter)

Hat tip- Michelle Malkin who says kids say the darndest things. Amen to that.
Open Post- Is it Just me?, TMH's Bacon Bits, Liberal Common Sense, Bloggin Outloud,

HOUSTON (Reuters) - The Washington couple at the heart of the CIA leak investigation had their cover blown by their small son as they tried to sneak away on vacation on Thursday.

"My daddy's famous, my mommy's a secret spy," declared the 5-year-old of his parents, former diplomat Joe Wilson and retired CIA operative Valerie Plame.

The former spy, who just retired from the agency, and the diplomat have been at the center of a CIA leak scandal that has reached into the White House.

They said they were headed to an undisclosed vacation location with their twins but stopped for a brief interview inside the airport terminal.

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