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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Weekly Miami Dolphins prediction

The Dolphins have reached the mid-point of the 2005 season. Their 3-5 record is better than what I predicted for the team before the season started.

Still I continue to say Miami is the most over-rated 3-5 team. This team has problems, arguably the biggest of which is the sad quarterback situation. Head Coach Nick Saban continues to stubbornly play Gus Frerotte in spite of the QB's horrific play. 125 passing yards vs. a 30th ranked defense in the NFL(Kansas City) and last week's fiasco where Frerotte barely threw for 100 yards plus throwing a late interception that blew Miami's chance at a come from behind win.

This week Miami is playing the two-time defending Super Bowl champs, the New England Patriots. Miami's woes will continue today with my prediction of New England 27, Miami 17.

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