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Friday, November 18, 2005

Some Golf notes and I met a Knucklehead!

*- I'll be attending the ADT Championship today barring rain. Blogging will light accordingly. Yesterday Hee Won Han shot a 67 and leads by one shot.

*- Local amateur 17-year-old Morgan Pressel turned pro yesterday. Morgan was runner-up at last June's US Open. Good luck Morgan.

*- The LPGA announced their 2006 schedule. There are a few new events including one in Florida. More importantly the tour lost only one of its 2005 tournaments. Maybe the attrition of tournament sponsors and events will end.

*- At Wednesday's Pro-Am I met a Knucklehead award winner. I give out these awards and with the exception of a few personal ones, I've never met one in person.

Two days ago I followed the Pro-Am group of Soo Yun Kang, South Korea's Fashion model of the fairways. One of her amateur partners was West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel. I was the only person in Soo Yun's gallery and the mayor said hello to me. I didn't tell Mayor Frankel she won a Knucklehead.

*- If the weather holds up I may meet another knucklehead today. Birdie Kim is paired with Meena Lee and I will probably watch that group.

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