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Saturday, November 19, 2005

A blogging mystery- What happened to a post?

Yesterday I came home from the golf tournament. I was wet and tired but looked at the blogosphere like the computer addict I am. That's when I read about Professor John Daly and his inflamatory remarks in some email. I read this at a blog, and I'm 99% certain it was Michelle Malkin's. Michelle was on vacation and had a group of guest bloggers including Betsy Newmark.

The Daly story also made The Big Story with John Wilson at Fox News. I hadn't done any investigating yesterday but had already pegged Professor Daly for today's Knucklehead winner.

Then when I went to look for the post at Michelle's website there was nothing. I did a search using her search engine, that came up with zilch. It's weird the post disappearing like this. I then did a little further checking, and yahoo news has the story but its a press release.

So what gives? Is the story a hoax and that was why the post was pulled? I remember the Berkeley college professor and his stolen computer that turned out being a hoax. Then why not just update the post? Could I be wrong about the blog? I don't think so, there are 4-5 blogs I frequent multiple times a day. None of them mention the story either. Michelle's blog always stands out in my mind because it was the first I seriously frequented.

I'm just curious about the thinking behind the removal of a post. I've written Betsy and Michelle about the post also sking if they knew anything about it.

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